Free African Language Resources

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Connie DiJohnson and Bryan Anderson, both from the NFLC (ARHU), are our featured speakers.

Learn about the NFLC-UMD's free resources for African language learning and maintenance with Connie DiJohnson and Bryan Anderson. The NFLC-UMD's portal has over 1,000 language learning materials and self-assessments in African languages. Join us for a tour of the portal and share your language learning needs. While this session will focus on African language resources, we will also share some additional resources available to language learners more broadly, including for learners of less commonly taught languages. Many of the resources can also be adapted for a classroom setting. Come learn about the different language learning resources made available by NFLC-UMD. If you are a language learner or teach languages, you won’t want to miss this session about free language learning resources that are available to you.

The virtual event will be held on April 29 at 12:00 pm via Zoom. Attendees must register to receive a Zoom link.