South African Narratives of WellnessGerShun Avilez

Dr. GerShun Avilez from the Department of English is our featured speaker. In this talk, Avilez will offer an overview of his research as it pertains to South African literature and history. Specifically, he will discuss two lines of inquiry in his work: (1) mental health legislation and (2) the public rhetoric surrounding HIV. From these two vantage points, he will demonstrate how the realm of literary production provides insight on state and popular understandings of health in South African life. In charting the historical and medical discourse surrounding mental health and HIV/AIDS in South Africa in the late 20th century, the talk will show how the literary texts under consideration re-imagine what wellness means in contemporary South Africa. 

The event will be held on October 30 at 2pm at H.J. Patterson Hall, room 2124, and will also be available via Zoom for online attendees. Online attendees must register to receive a Zoom link. In person attendees are strongly encouraged to register. Light refreshments will be served.